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Luis Venegas
C☆NDY TRANSVERSAL 12 - Josh Lavery by Zac Bayly

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Limited Edition of 1500 Numbered Copies 
12 Different Covers 
460 Pages


The unavoidable tribute to Candy Darling photographed by Gary Lee Boas // The unequalled Candy Darling photographed by Richard Avedon // The unforgettable Marsha P. Johnson photographed by Stanley Stellar, with text by Connie Fleming // The untamed Jackie Shane interviewed by Mark Christopher // The unflinching Fran Lebowitz photographed by Lia Clay and interviewed by Alexander Fury. Archive photography by Peter Hujar // The unpublished Amanda Lepore polaroids by Mel Ottenberg // The unmistakable beauty of Mariette Pathy Allen’s photography // The unambiguous Hanne Gaby Odiele photographed by Mat + Kat, styled by Sasha Melnychuck and interviewed by Adam Eli Werner // The unrelenting passion of Munroe Bergdorf photographed by Dafy Hagai, styled by Kyanisha Morgan and interviewed by Joey Levenson // The unstoppable rise of eight fearless new fashion designers photographed by Leon Mark, styled by Rúben Moreira with texts by George Smith // The unbreakable Erika Ervin photographed by Torbjørn Rødland and interviewed by Mike Furey // The unforgettable Marc Jacobs grunge collection returns worn by Helena Christensen photographed by Cruz Valdez and styled by Dara, with text by Luis Venegas // The unimaginable beauty of Dior Makeup created by Peter Philips photographed by David Vasiljevic and styled by Samuel François // The uncommon Sgaire Wood photographed by Dafy Hagai, styled by Elizabeth Fraser-Bell and interviewed by Dalya Benor // The uninhibited Blair Jirousek in Prada photographed by Diego Villarreal and styled by David Martín // The unrealistic world of cosplay photographed by Kim Jakobsen To and styled by Hamish Wirgman // The undeniable sex appeal of sportswear photographed by Micaiah Carter and styled by Ian Bradley // The unimitable Jazzelle in Alexander Fury’s unbeatable fashion archives photographed by Louie Banks, styled by Rúben Moreira with text also by Alexander Fury // The uncontainable Arca photographed by Daniel Riera and styled by Alicia Padrón // The unrestrained allure of the Koovagam Festival photographed by Lea Colombo // Thom Browne’s unconventional fashions unleashed in India photographed by Lea Colombo and styled by Ibrahim Kamara // The unexpected combination of Tina Chow’s unassailable style and Giambattista Valli’s unreal couture photographed by Mark Kean and styled by Andreas Peter Krings // The undeniable power of Mexico photographed by Santiago & Mauricio and styled by Esther Matilla Oubiña // The unapologetic first collection for Celine by Hedi Slimane photographed by Luis Venegas // The untraditional legacy of queer performers celebrated photographed by Michael Bailey Gates and styled by Djuna Bell, with text by Paul Monroe // The unrivalled genius of Tilda Switon in an unusual collaboration with the UK’s unafraid new fashion designers photographed by Matt Lambert with creative direction, styling and texts by Jerry Stafford // The unprecedented television show Pose and its unparalleled stars in Gucci photographed by Luke Gilford and styled by Ben Perreira, with text by Devan Diaz // The unsurpassable Aquaria untucked photographed by Diego Villarreal and styled by David Martín, with text by Greg Garry // The unconquerable Teddy Quinlivan in Maison Margiela Artisanal. Imagery by Katerina Jebb, styling by Alexis Roche and text by Dan Thawley // The undeniably talented Jamie Clayton unzips Coach 1941’s latest collection photographed by Lia Clay and styled by Jared Martell, with text by Nomi Ruiz // The undressed men of Australia show off their loveliest undergarments down under photographed by Zac Bayly and styled by Trevor Stones // The uncanny Joey Gabriel photographed and interviewed by Sunny Suits. Archive photography by David Armstrong, Edward Mapplethorpe, Jack Pierson, Aaron Cobbett and Nan Goldin // The unseen scrapbooks of Joey Gabriel edited and photographed by Sunny Suits

C☆NDY is Luis Venegas completely new, never-done-before kind of fashion magazine. It’s called Candy, as a playful tribute to one of the greatest transvestites ever existed, Candy Darling.

C☆NDY is the first style magazine completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross-dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations.

The transversal world has looked to fashion magazines for inspiration for decades, but a fashion magazine has never returned the compliment: examining the transversal world in all it’s diversity.

C☆NDY is a magazine for everybody. A space for individual freedom, a publication that pushes people to take on the persona of what they always wanted to be.

The approach of the new magazine to this theme will be similar to the usual feeling of Luis Venegas original magazine Fanzine137, often described by journalists as unconventional, personal, elegant, unique… and hopefully surprising. Of course, C☆NDY is also about great fun… This is supposed to be a party!


Founded a decade ago by Luis Venegas, C*NDY is the first and only style magazine to focus on the transversal community, or transgender and gender-nonconforming/nonbinary people, transvestism, cross-dressing, drag, and androgyny. C*NDY has a devoted fan base and respect from industry leaders for showcasing the most creative and important names and talent in transversal fashion, art, and culture. This book brings together for readers the most timeless, inspirational, and aspirational pages of fashion, art, culture, makeup, glamour, icons, amazing transformations, and fun.

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Luis Venegas

Luis Venegas is creative director, editor and publisher of Fanzine137, EY! Magateen, C★NDY, The Printed Dog and EY! Boy Collection. Based in Spain, he channels his energies into publishing his personal editorial projects and working as a freelance professional, mostly for fashion brands. An independent self-published editor, his magazines - released as limited editions - are available only in selected shops, boutiques and bookstores around the world.

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