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Introducing Beverly Hills Cowboy... Let's Ride!

Introducing Beverly Hills Cowboy... Let's Ride!

Beverly Hills Cowboy is a sexy apparel line conceived out of an equal fascination with cowboys and Beverly Hills culture. The line currently carries form fitting t-shirts with cheeky, in your face phrases and words, like “90% Angel 10% Devil” or “Butch”, as well as briefs with the word “Cowboy” inscribed on the waistband. We caught up with the designer behind the label to learn more about the items available through the Tom of Finland, and a very exciting upcoming collaboration with the Bob Mizer Foundation.


Can you tell me about the Beverly Hills Cowboy collection available through the Tom of Finland Store?

Beverly Hills Cowboy is a collection of underwear and t-shirts. For now... We have six different graphic t-shirts. My personal favorite is "BUTCH" in glitter, the letters are super glittery. And our Classic Cowboy Brief comes in white, grey, and powder blue.

What is the ethos behind Beverly Hills Cowboy?

Beverly Hills Cowboy is a space where sex is in the air, not the obvious. Inspired by the essence of male beauty, homosexuality, pop culture, highbrow/lowbrow art, and complicated ideas about masculinity. With a little dash of locker room fantasies. All Cowboy, all Beverly Hills.



What is it about cowboys that fascinates you?

Cowboys are portrayed in pop culture as this masculine “ideal” and I’m totally fascinated by that. I also grew up watching a lot of old Mexican films. And a lot of the times the leading man was a Cowboy type. Maybe it stems from that? Not sure. But one thing is for sure…Cowboy’s are hot.

What relationship do you have to Tom of Finland's life and work?

We go way back. I think we "met" when I was about 21 years old. I was living in New York and going to school at Parsons. He was really one of the first queer artists I ever learned about. And I find myself still very intrigued and aroused by his work. It’s iconic, truly.



I understand you have an upcoming collection in collaboration with the Bob Mizer Foundation. How did that come about?

Yes we do! And I’m low-key freaking out about it. I think the way it came about was I was posting some of Bob Mizer’s iconic photos on our instagram. I may or may not have been using them to promote BH Cowboy (I will not deny nor confirm). They found me, we connected and now were about to make some magic together. His works and imagery really are a huge inspiration to our brand and identity.

Can you give us a taste of what you have planned for the collaboration?

Think: Mizer’s iconic photos à la streetwear. Also, red and black vinyl tote bags. Yes, vinyl totes.

Do you have any additional dream collaborations?

Yes! I think Tom Ford and I could fuck some shit up, in a good way. He’s sort of the ultimate Beverly Hills Cowboy. I’d also love to work with Barry Jenkins, the director of “Moonlight”. I don’t know in what capacity but, we can figure that out. Right?



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