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Portable Electric Hand Pump Package

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The Portable Electric Hand Pump Package includes the portable electric pump with an attaching cylinder. 

Please select your length. 

The portable electric pump is a hand-held pump, great for traveling with, for beginners and advanced pumpers alike. This pump does not have a PSI gauge but does not pump at very high PSI levels to avoid over pumping. Ten to twenty second use of our Portable Electric Hand Pump will create the vacuum necessary to pull the blood into the penis and cause an erection. It comes with two feet of medical grade, soft, pliable tubing and a male connector.

Battery operated or run on (4) AA batteries (not included

    This cylinder works equally well for beginning and advanced pumpers.

    • Hand crafted, diamond cut, flame polished cylinder
    • Individually hand crafted to YOUR size specification – sizes provided at checkout
    • Comfortable & Easy to use
    • Designed for easy vacuum seal without the use of awkward rubber gaskets
    • Includes a quick connect/disconnect safety valve that maintains the vacuum after you disconnect the pump

      Measure your size:

      To size penis cylinders measure the circumference (the distance around, or girth) of the erect penis. To do this:

      1. Wrap a piece of string loosely around your penis around the thickest part of your penis to measure, for some this will be the head and for others near the base.

      2. Mark where the string crosses itself.

      3. Lay the string next to a ruler to find the exact circumference. (Note – this method is much more accurate than wrapping a tape measure around the penis.) Penis cylinders are sized in US Inches

      4. Find the measurement most closely corresponding to your penis circumference in the column on the left – your ideal starting cylinder size will be in the corresponding column to the right. (Cylinder Order Size is the tube’s inside diameter.) If your circumference is under 4 3/4 inches we recommend you start with a 1 1/2″ cylinder.

      Please contact us at info@tomoffinlandstore.com for custom sizes.

      Penis Outside
      Cylinder Order Size


      (Tube Inside Diameter)

      4 3/4″ 1 1/2″
      5 1/2″ 1 3/4″
      6 1/4″ 2″
      7″ 2 1/4″
      7 7/8″ 2 1/2″
      8 5/8″ 2 3/4″
      9 3/4″ 3″
      10 1/4″ 3 1/4″
      11 3/4″ 3 3/4″
      13 3/8″ 4″
      14 1/4″ 4 1/2″
      15 3/4″ 5″
      17 1/4″ 5 1/2″
      18 3/4″ 6″
      20 1/4″ 6 1/2″
      21 3/4″ 7″
      24″ 7 3/4”
      25 1/4″ 8″

      NOTE: This product does not include a hand pump or hose!! (The hose is included with the pump.)

      In compliance with health laws penis enlargement cylinders are not returnable, so size them carefully. 

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      Designed with safety, comfort and maximum penis size gain in mind these pumping devices are state of the art in penis enlargement technology.

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